Salt Glaze 2014


Turning and BurningPotter at Work


Did you know The Pottery is one of the oldest colonial revival potteries in existence?

The finest quality handmade earthenware and stoneware pots are turned out in limited quantities daily since 1938.




Handmade in Williamsburg

Handmade in Williamsburg

Bring home a piece of history.  Using techniques past down from the 18th century pottery making tradition, skilled craftsmen reproduce delicately crafted ceramics used by first American settlers in Williamsburg, Virginia.



Saltglaze Display

Circa 1776

From Tavern Pipes and Mugs to Martin Pot Bird bottles and Inkwells,  we manufacture an extensive line of historically accurate colonial ware.





No trip to the Historic Area is complete without visiting Virginia’s most unique shopping destination.  The Williamsburg Pottery.


8_19_saltglaze18 saltglaze 600p

18 salt glaze table 600p